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Intro: 3x Body Density Programs

START HERE! Watch the intro video and dive into the Mystery School of Frequency 🙂

All 3x Density Body Programs

Welcome to this very unique Bio-Spiritual Activation for Healy users.
This is a bio electric initiation through the 9 dimensions of the universe, found in our human anatomy. Ever heard of Keylontic Science or the Kathara Grid? With our own Quantum Osteopathic view we created a method, based upon this Holographic Anatomy, to treat Health, uplevel Awareness and teach Wellbeing. Please watch the intro video above to see what we actually intend to create.

By stimulating the physical body with specific frequencies correlating with anatomical structures, the higher levels of intelligence can start opening up to our awareness and evolution. Consider this a mystery school you have to be ready to receive. The School of Frequency hopes to make the knowledge about the 9 Dimensional Universal construct as practical and simple as possible for everyone who would like to learn about holistic health: its dimensions & highest values. This can be considered as experiential classes into the anatomy of the Quantum through your own Healy, each time you activate the programs 🙂

Have you ever considered the bio-spiritual meaning behind your blood tissue, cerebro spinal fluid or your extra cellular matrix?
Do you want to experience how your cells get their ‘cosmic energy’?
Have you always believed that the ‘correct vibration brings the best manifestations’ and you would like to experience how it all comes together?
The essence behind this work lies in the fact that there is an ’Original Intent’ behind Creation and we are here to remember it… through Frequencies!

What do you need to know about the 9 Dimensions?

In this perspective we believe there are 12 significant dimensions for our human evolution and the first 9 are containing the information fields about our human existence&experience. So we are using the 9D’s to teach some valuable lessons for your body-mind-soul, but always keep in mind: the Universal Spiral of Life is a base-12 code, meaning the 12th dimension contains your ‘Original Source Blueprint’, and from that Source everything was created in a downward manner – from the 12th to the 1st dimension. This work is about starting with where Life began, like going back to the moment of your conception&fetal development and from the 9th dimension we go down the spiral. Even though there are always more dimensions, let’s not get lost or ‘airy fairy’ and stick with what’s useful for now 🙂

What is the purpose of this 9 Dimensional Activation series?

  • Invoking Health from its higher aspects
  • Increasing body-mind-spirit connection through understanding Quantum Anatomy throughout the 9 dimensions
  • Learning how to read a book that’s half written and half experiential learning
  • Bringing more Joy and Contemplation through frequencies
    Welcome to the School of Frequency, right…? 🙂

What this is and what it is NOT:

  • NOT a highway to heaven but a friendly reminder of Source
  • NOT an Activation series with promises of healing or transformation but you will always get what you need and can accept at the moment.
  • NOT a powerful boost for your high energies but a subtle energy work that will invite you to contemplate deeply
  • NOT an ungrounded practice with DNA meditations but an intentional meditation focused on experiential learning and deeping the connection with your Soul&Source
  • NOT a method to try and transcend the physical-emotional planes, but to maintain a realistic perspective on the physiology of all the Body Densities.

For whom is this?

  • For you, when you agree with the above statements
  • For all truth seekers within the human experience
  • For all spiritual warriors who want to strengthen their relationship with the Quantum
  • For healers/therapists to expand their holistic knowledge on the dimensions of our Health&Being
  • For you if you like to know more about the physics of consciousness & ‘how the Soul embeds itself into the flesh’

For whom is this NOT?

  • people who just want another Healy prgr to feel something different
  • People who dont want to know the power behind their intentions & awareness
  • Someone who is only interested in (fast) results and not the process itself
  • Everyone who likes to see reality in fragments and not in a holistic picture

What will this benefit you?

  • A deeper connection with your body-mind-spirit through a broader sense of understanding the Quantum anatomy, in knowledge and experience
  • Insights and revelations about ‘the Original Intent behind Creation’
  • Seeing more relations between the layers of existence within you
  • Direct experience with the different Density Bodies and their forces of nature
  • A new perspective on healing that works from the ‘inside-out’ vs most healing modalities ‘trying to work their way into your fields of consiousness’

What do these prgrs consist of and what does it do?

  • Each prgr works is dedicated to the levels of mental, emotional and physical. Divided into Density Bodies 1, 2 & 3 with 9 dimensions total-> each Density Body contains the information fields of 3 dimensions.
    Density Body 1 = Physical D1-2-3
    Density Body 2 = Emotional D4-5-6
    Density Body 3 = Mental D7-8-9.
  • They all work on the correlating physical structures with their projection fields and their embryological origins, meaning they will try to find a way to the core of your existence. How? By connecting you to ‘the memory of the Original Intent behind Creation’ so all your bodies of intelligence will self-organise back to Health accordingly. Think about ‘cell memory reversal’: an actual phenomena where each cell knows how too go back to it’s original blueprint of Health before its creation, disease and any other memory experience.
  • The intelligence behind the frequencies and your developing awareness might have some side effects: holistic healing, detox symptoms, increased manifestation powers, clearings, releasing effects, quickening of energies, broader sense of awareness, more focus, more joy and bliss, revelations, lucid dreamings, synchronicities, etc. The list is long because of the holistic nature of Life 🙂

How do I apply?

  • Keep in mind: Start the Activation sequence with Density Body 3 prgr: D7-8-9 Activation, the level of your Soul’s Quantum Computer. In order to change your unconscious patterns/programs/algorhythms we must start with the level where all of it began: the seat of creation. It is not recommended to apply the prgrs otherwise if you would like to grasp this experience.
  • MAXIMUM 1 BODY DENSITY PROGRAM PER DAY: please respect your integration!
  • With electrode cables, max once a day \ wireless (Healy Coil), full 100% voltage | Read the Meditation instructions + watch video | Finish the full 99+ mins | more instructions provided with order
  • MEDITATION: For each program there is a given meditation instruction to enhance its effect and connect with its wisdom. You will find the instructions on each Body Density program page. It is highly recommended to take in the suggestions given in order to connect to the energy behind. It is not recommended to apply whilst driving or other activities. Meditative awareness + intention is essential in the beginning of the program.
  • Please WATCH THE VIDEOS(still in the making) provided on each Density Body product page, see here for the Intro: All Density Bodies x3 | Density Body 3 | Density Body 2 | Density Body 1

Did you know?
This Bio-Spiritual Model is used in our practice to accurately diagnose and treat people bio-energetically. The personal sessions increase healing effects, deep insights and clarity on what frequencies to use.  For Healy users we provide remote/on location sessions: A 1.5hr session with full body scan + treatment + 1x custom frequency program + list of complementary Healy progams to support the healing process. High success rates have been booked over time and we don’t want you to miss out 🙂 Also possible for non-Healy users (with alternative health advice).

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