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Body Density 3: D7-8-9

First Bio-Electric Initiation with Body Density 3: D7-8-9 ‘Embracing the God-self’


Long story short…
We are all Gods & Goddesses with a long soul path ahead and behind us. Beyond time and space we exist and have already decided what will happen to us in each timeline. But how we will experience it and anticipate is still unique to each moment we live in this dimension. So from these levels we can investigate what information fields still need ‘correct placing’ for the holographic construct to return to Order instead of Chaos. This happens through a non-destructive implosion force we humans carry within us and the biggest center for that is our head space, the seat of the God-self. Simultaneously, we have electrical fields of intelligence around us able to extract information out of the Universal Library with Akashic energy, the highest form of electricity available, so we can see why we’ve lost the connection. With this upgrading our nervous systems we can access higher levels of consciousness, meaning higher levels of Joy & Bliss & Happiness (the 3 words that must not have any explanation). This simple wisdom should connect every Soul back to its Source in its own way, without any stories needed to confirm the connection. Just like there should not be a reason to ‘be happy to exist’

What is the essence behind Body Density 3: D7-8-9

  • The 3rd body density levels are D7-8-9 governing the God-self and it’s Quantum Computer creating the reality of human experience.
  • These 3 levels are about gaining supreme control over your ancestral, past life and karmic information fields stored in your DNA by using your implosive force from the void. When your Being is able to find relief from these unconscious blind spots, more higher electrical information fields can nest /embed in you, bringing more Joy & Bliss (the currency for upleveling your consciousness). Everyone can become a universal programmer and librarian in this way.
  • BD3 purpose/goal: maintaining information field integrity within the core of each cell nucleus and using implosive forces to master the programming (9th), distributing optimal charge and the most optimal electrical charge is Akashic ‘memory’ energy (8th) & increasing the ability to level up in consciousness through Joy&Happiness&Bliss (7th). When there is a system failure on these levels, the person might experience: ancestral deep blockages, entity attachments, an inability to know how true Joy & Happiness can be integrated, seeing itself as ’the victim trapped in a loop’, dark clouds hanging over, and more…

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D9 (Black hole/White hole):

  • 0,9hz: resonating with outer 9D sheath around the fluid bodies and implosion field around the head space
  • 924hz: optimizing grey matter in the brain and spinal cord
  • 2833hz: Releasing&Relieving entity attachments, bonds, contracts, restraints & unpersonal responsibility from any parallel timeline
  • 3339hz: Allow&Embrace the trust in DNA capacity, restoring space for embedding of Soul purpose & guidance
  • 4369hz: optimizing substantia nigra in the brainstem, preparing basal nuclei
  • 9360hz: developing mental ability to follow the Void
  • 13639hz: activating Thalamus; the quantum computing core of the God-self, galactic core connection.
  • 13936hz: Relieving&Releasing the fear of phantom matrix/self, returning to Original base-12 code
  • 18629hz: developing mental ability to recognize the point of the Observer for I AM-ness
    These frequencies are run from the first 1-9 minutes of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D9?

  • Thalamus center: sensory relay system in the brain & galactic core, bridge for conscious-superconsious awareness
  • Hypothalamus: a hardware station in the brain, governing the unconscious and all its functions
  • Grey matter: nervous tissue in brain and spinal cord
  • Implosion fields found in the gut, heart and headspace (where humans neutralise negative thought-forms – probably related to 3x Dan Tien from Tao wisdom)

Existential fear of D9?
Fear of the ‘junk DNA’ information field & your implosive field / void / darkness. There is a lot of misunderstanding around the aspect of darkness and this one brings a historical perspective: imagine a long time ago we were beings of perfection without any fields of shadow or disturbance. Our DNA had much more strands and our consciousness was limitless until… the ‘break’ in dimensions happened, the famous ‘fall from the Garden of Eden’. Whatever story you believe about it, let the principle be the same: a shadow reality kicked in hard with a phantom version of the dimensional construct. This made us get stuck in the Maya (Matrix, illusion) and the evidence we have of this lives inside our cells, our 98% so-called junk DNA. Can you imagine we all have a deep fear of not trusting ourselves, our own intelligence from the void/darkness? The purpose is now to remember the loving power of our implosive capacity and the wisdom from the darkness. Darkness is older than light and more powerful when it comes down to mastering human existence. Every information field that is bothering us from the ancestral, (past)life memory, negative entity and karmic planes cannot implode successfully back to source, that’s why they are pulling on you! To show you need to find your way to the void to help them with ‘the way out’. So now, allow the intelligence of D9 help you implode back to Oneness. Do you resonate with this?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D8(GOLD – PALE GOLD):

  • 462hz: Releasing&Relieving disturbing projections, detaching from pulling energies from outside, feeling a coherent energy field around
  • 862hz: optimizing limbic system neuro-electrical systems
  • 984hz: developing mental ability to see akashic information, with pure intentions, the librarian with clarity of mental pictures
  • 1446hz: Allowing&Embracing freedom, detachment and purpose
  • 1884hz: developing mental ability to discharge electrical fields of disturbance
  • 2864hz: Releasing&Relieving congestive information, recovering electrical field resistance against penetrating forces & restoring coherent electrical protective sheath
  • 4864hz: Allowing&Embracing divine connectedness, merging personal base-12 shield with Gaia shield + Galactic shield
  • 6420hz: developing mental ability to pull in knowledge from Avatar consciousness, a base-12 connection to the higher planes of existenceThese frequencies are run from the 15-21st minute of the program.
    These frequencies are run from the 15-21st minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D8?

  • Electrical fields of harmony around the human body
  • The distributed electricity throughout the nervous system
  • Nerve tissue
  • White matter, in the brain and spinal cord
  • Connection to the Akashic fields of the Soul, Earth & Galaxy
  • Thymus Gland: the higher function for Universal Autonomy&Embodiment

Existential fear of D8?
Fear of Entrapment & Entanglement & Contractedness. This fear field is wide and diverse. The question is, in how many different ways can you feel trapped and imprisoned? Beyond space and time Souls can have many attachments and contracts running with other fields of consciousness. For many of them we are not aware but they can entangle themselves unto us, implant their forces into our fields and even make you sign contracts as an agreement for survival of both parties. Leaving you thinking at times ‘why is this happening to me?’. The message is simple and clear: neutralise these fields of electrical disturbances, reconnect your Soul’s energy to the harmonic collective fields (Earth & Galaxy) and allow new optimal Akashic charge to distribute through your nervous system.
Do you resonate with this?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D7 (Violet&Ultra-Violet):

  • 374hz: Allowing&Embracing prana to flow abundantly on all levels of Being
  • 454hz: Relieving&Releasing judgements about oneself, restoring Joy for Life
  • 611hz: developing mental ability to open up and surrender to base-12 higher intelligence
  • 1343hz: Allowing&Embracing the universal mind base-12 to take you as deep and high as it sees fit for you
  • 1770hz: developing mental ability to stay in heaven-like frequencies (Joy & Bliss), increasing levels of enlightenment
  • 1797hz: Allowing&Embracing the highest frequency possible coming from the Universal Mind
  • 2164hz: Releasing&Relieving doubt of divine support, restoring solid divine power in the heart center & sensing unconditional support from the unified field
    These frequencies are run from the 10-14th minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D7?

  • Cerebro Spinal Fluid: the highest conductive fluid in the human body, ‘Diamond water’
  • Cellular energy production of wavelengths coming from the mitochondria with UV-light spectrum
  • Auric Presence ‘Auric size means indication for Soul embedding’
  • Pineal Gland: Cosmic gate for accessing levels of consciousness
  • Prana: ‘the true nutrient of Life’ and The Force circulating Universal Love

Existential fear of D7?
Fear of losing oneself. This is about paternal dominion, patriarchy of the collective about how to behave, work, do and think. Trying to make you happy and joyful with a promising job, career and social status but it will always leave you empty because it’s not you. (Remember it doesn’t matter what you do for whom but you gotta be truly happy with your function). Joy&Bliss&Happiness are 3 words that must not be explained and the true meaning is only found in the higher fields of consciousness accessible to all humans. Going for the highest Joy & Bliss is our true purpose, real currency but can still be the scariest thing on earth.
When higher levels of consciousness show themselves, the fear of ‘losing yourself in it’ might come up and almost feels like the fear of death. It makes sense because who are you really? When you grow and mature more in higher frequencies you could definitely say that some old parts of you died along the way. But that was always a good thing! Although the first steps might feel scary you will know that ‘following your Bliss’ is always a fruitful thing. Do you resonate with this?

How to use?
With electrode cables, max once a day \ wireless (Healy Coil), full 100% voltage | Read the Meditation instructions + watch video | Finish the full 99+ mins | more instructions provided with order | MAXIMUM 1 BODY DENSITY PROGRAM PER DAY (please respect integration)

Meditation Instruction:
Sit comfortably for the first 21 minutes of the prgr and focus on this intention:
’I Allow and Embrace my God-self as the Quantum Programmer of my reality through it’s implosion field in the center of my brain. May all information field disturbances implode successfully back to source and make space for optimal charge distribution of my highest Joy & Happiness.’

Minutes 1-9 = D9 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 10-14 = D7 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 15-21 = D8 frequencies (see above)
The rest of the prgr covers frequencies with the D7-8-9 system/organ/body fluids related structures (see above)

Did you know?
This Bio-Spiritual Model is used in our practice to accurately diagnose and treat people bio-energetically. While scanning these levels D7-8-9 we can tell how a person is disturbed by ancestral, memory and karmic relations and help the system to find relief & resolution. Brain centers, neuro communication lines and fields of perception can then be optimized with frequencies. Only in these dimensions it can be helpful to understand the story behind the pattern of disturbance that got stuck beyond time and space.

For Healy users we provide remote/on location sessions: A 1.5hr session with full body scan + treatment + 1x custom frequency program + list of complementary Healy progams to support the healing process. High success rates have been booked over time and we don’t want you to miss out. Also possible for non-Healy users (with alternative health advice).

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