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Body Density 2: D4-5-6

Second Bio-Electric Initiation with Body Density 2: D4-5-6 ‘Intelligent self-organisation through Emotional Coherence’


Long story short…
Of all living organisms, humans bring something unique to the table. We can freely choose who to be and how to live. We are walking liquid crystals with sophisticated engines of consciousness maintaining its own balance through morphogenetic magnetic fields, circulatory body fluids and a ‘vibratory resonant state’. How we create our experience of Abundance and Freedom completely depends on how we have these fields organized. As we live in a Universe filled with electricity our Emotional fields need to be free turmoil, disturbances and incoherences. Otherwise too much friction happens, our fields collapse and we lose our sense of vital force. All dysfunctions and ailments are thought-form based (welcome to the quantum field) and this Density Body 2 manifests all of the pathological patterns.

What is the essence behind Body Density 2: D4-5-6?
⁃ The 2nd body density levels are D4-5-6 governing the emotional environment of your Health and the ‘correct vibrational rate’ to keep you on the timeline of your Purpose.
⁃ These 3 levels are about gaining Coherence, Compassion and Integrity of your physical, emotional and mental fields. It’s about an optimal organization of all fluids flowing in harmony & full circle. They need to be revitalized with Love/Life and transformed from their impurities, so your Joy and Bliss can have an everlasting presence. Finally your Sovereignty, Natural Rebellion and Freedom as a Soul on this Earth plane can be claimed in experience, when you found this state of Being for a sufficient amount of time. Everyone can become a God-Sovereign-Free(GSF) soul living according the Law of One, guided by the frequency of Compassion, its wisdom easily channeled through the Quantum Anatomy.
⁃ BD2 purpose/goal: to maintain the emotional coherence for Health and Integrity to naturally rebel against ‘invading patterns’ from the outside world(6th), to keep the extra-cellular-matrix environment of the physical and emotional body in its correct vibratory state for energy and vitality(5th) & free flow all the vital fluids from it’s source to the rest of the anatomy with Love and Compassion(4th). When there is a system failure on these levels, the person cannot feel empathy, compassion, is hunted by the past, easily manipulated, attracts toxic relationships, shows self-destructive patterns and feels like a prisoner of the world.

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D6 (INDIGO-PALE INDIGO):

  • 236hz: Releasing&Relieving thought-forms on emotional manipulation&control by self and others
  • 469hz: Allowing&Embracing sovereign and independant consciousness
  • 629hz: purifying blood information from trauma & optimizing charge of the Iron magnetic core
  • 949hz: increasing emotional stability by emotional detachment from outcomes & circumstances
  • 1469hz: mental ability to change magnetic field disturbances & the density of energy fields
  • 1934hz: preparing ‘optimal hydrogen spin density’ in the bone marrow for the creation of blood with a higher capacity for energy distribution
    These frequencies are run from the 1-6th minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D6?

  • Blood & vascular system: what is the quality of the blood information informing your tissues
  • Bones: what level of density do you attract?
  • Bone marrow: what information gets imprinted into your blood
  • Magnetic Fields of the physical structures
  • Iron core within the blood cell; is it promoting optimal charge?
  • Pituitary gland: the primal mother gland, ‘keeping an all-seeing eye on the body’s waters’

Existential fear of D6?
Fear of losing control & being controlled. A dominant father figure, the status quo, school or any institution might feel like a stranglehold onto your field, an environmental trigger of feeling controlled & troubled by the outside world. The internal trigger is troubling thought-forms, reminders of trauma, self-destructive patterns, strong judgements on self and others, toxic relationships, manipulative personalities. During the prgr imagine to ‘shake off’ any previous memories around these themes. Have you ever experienced this in your Life? And what were your coping mechanisms for it?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D5(BLUE – PALE BLUE):

  • 151hz: Releasing&Releiving the thought-forms related to ‘I have to’ in order for the feeling of Joy and Expansion to emerge
  • 555hz: Allow&Embrace Expansion of (super)natural talents
  • 881hz: developing mental ability to shake of past disappointments and realizing the causal effect of your former vibratory state attracting each circumstance
  • 1761hz: an optimal charge of hydrogen atoms within the extra cellular matrix
  • 1975hz: Allowing&Embracing the correct vibratory state as the Leader for Life expansion to happen, connecting with 5D timeline future self
    These frequencies are run from the 10-15th minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D5?

  • Lungs & and their ability to expand + retract
  • Large intestine & and their ability to move freely
  • H3O2: the fourth state of water(95% of the body) = water in a ‘gel’ state = the liquid crystal that distributes intelligence for Life to happen. It’s purpose is to help you expand. All it needs is the correct vibratory state of Joy&Bliss for optimal vital force.
  • Diaphragms: 5 significant diaphragms throughout the body, with the central diaphragm at the rib cage and the leading diaphragm ‘the tentorium’ in the skull.
  • Thyroid gland: the leading gland of your freedom & expressions.

Existential fear of D5?
Fear of Disappointment, and when Joy dies away fear of Boredom kicks in. Feeling imprisoned, not being seen for who you are, feeling invisible and disconnected, constantly looking for ways of escape, feeling ‘Life is wearing you down’, avoiding looking back but only to new ways into the future. During the prgr imagine to ‘shake off’ any previous memories around these themes. Have you ever experienced this in your Life? And what were your coping mechanisms for it?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D4 (GREEN-PALE GREEN):

  • 444hz: Releasing&Relieving memories with emotional thought-forms stuck in time loops
  • 624hz: liver clearing out pathways effectively to support Heart’s Fire/Love flow to every fiber and cell
  • 1260hz: developing mental ability to see what was left ‘undigested’ and therefore a part of you stuck in time
  • 1416hz: Allowing&Embracing the Krystal Heart spiral, the point of the Observer and Compassion to teach your Being about the Law of One.
    These frequencies are run from the 6-10th minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D4?

  • Heart & Lungs: is your vascular flow well revitalized with oxygen?
  • Liver & lymphatic flow: are your old energies well transmuted?
  • All Lymphatic associated tissues: Mucous, salivary glands, tonsils, plaques van Peyer(gut), lymph nodes&ducts.
  • Thymus gland: the personal trainer of ‘the body’s soldiers’ to shield your immune system
  • Albumin: most abundant protein of the blood plasma.

Existential fear of D4?
Fear of abandonment: being left alone and abandoned by family, friends, co workers, the Collective… left deprived and void of Love. Also the opposite: fear of being overrun and overstimulated. Being left hardened and/or bomb-shelled in Love. Hardness makes you numb, feeling abandoned makes you crave more attention. During the prgr imagine to ‘shake off’ any previous memories around these themes. Have you ever experienced this in your Life? And what were your coping mechanisms for it?

How to use?
With electrode cables, max once a day \ wireless (Healy Coil), full 100% voltage | Read the Meditation instructions + watch video | Finish the full 99+ mins | more instructions provided with order


Meditation Instruction:
Sit comfortably for the first 15 minutes of the prgr and focus on this intention:’I allow & embrace my magnetic fields to perfectly organize with Coherence, Compassion and Integrity. May my Joy and Bliss lead my cells to more Freedom and level up my vibratory state of the extra-cellular-matrix for optimal Health & Abundance.’


Minutes 1-6 = D6 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 6-10 = D4 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 10-15 = D5 frequencies (see above)
The rest of the prgr covers frequencies with the D4-5-6 system/organs/body fluids related structures (see above)

Did you know?
This Bio-Spiritual Model is used in our practice to accurately diagnose and treat people bio-energetically. While scanning these levels D4-5-6 we can tell how a person is disturbed by magnetic interferences, cellular dehydration, stagnant flow or fascial tensions and help the system to find relief&resolution. Circulations, emotional states, creative forces and extra-cellular-matrix vital force can then be optimized with frequencies.

For Healy users we provide remote/on location sessions: A 1.5hr session with full body scan + treatment + 1x custom frequency program + list of complementary Healy progams to support the healing process. High success rates have been booked over time and we don’t want you to miss out. Also possible for non-Healy users (with alternative health advice).

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