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Body Density 1: D1-2-3

Third Bio-Electric Initiation with Body Density 1: D1-2-3 ‘Making the Soil rich with the Water of Life’


Long story short…

All organic life on earth thanks its existence to the environmental, microbial and energetic health of the soil. Soil is about the water, earth, air and fire elements working in synergy to promote Life Forces to excert their energies. The quality of your thoughts, emotions, physical health and spiritual growth find their foundations in your own soil that has its developmental history in these 3 dimensions. The Water of Life is the primal intelligence behind the health of your foundations and it’s up to you to keep it clear or troubled. The rules in this house are simple: keep your room clean, apply some feng shui with the furniture, plants and aroma’s and make it appear like you really want to live Life here. Otherwise Life might show you some painful lessons….

What is the essence behind Body Density 1: D1-2-3?

  • The 1st body density levels are D1-2-3 governing the soil of your physical health and human experience.
  • These 3 levels are about gaining clarity about oneself, the direction in Life and relationship with the physical plane(3D). How to invest your radiant ‘life force’ genius whilst staying physically regulated and maintaing ‘the happy belly microbiome’(2D). Finally, the nourishing Water of Life comes from the Original Intent from Source, it manages heat(inflammation), cools pain and gives a solid feeling of reality(1D). Everyone can become his / her own ‘Super Hero’ archetype by maintaining healthy soils for the Soul to embed.
  • BD1 purpose / goal: returning the energy & frequency of the Water of Life brings all systems back into health. When all the water in your blood plasma becomes clear and clean, all your worries, congested memories & insecurities will surface to be evaporated. When there is a system failure on these levels, the person experiences regular brain fog, authority issues, personal insecurity, unclear picture of personal life, sacrificing own energy too much for others, needs directions from others, worried mind, instable thinking, ungroundedness, unbalanced heat / warmth distribution, feeling frustrated.

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D3 (Yellow-Pale Yellow):
⁃ 336hz: increasing mental ability to feel the body’s water & vitality (mental)
⁃ 396hz: Relieving&releasing of confused, unpure and draining thoughtforms / particles (emotional)
⁃ 936hz: Embrace&allow the divine connection to show your true Strength&Direction (spiritual)
These frequencies are run from the first 1-3 minutes of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D3?

  • Liver: are you thinking for yourself in a healthy way, clearly or troubled?
  • Gallbladder: can you let go of frustrations not always knowing where to go?
  • Water: 95% of the blood plasma
  • Solar Plexus region
  • Pancreas: creates focus field around your personality, supporting your Super Hero Archetype.

Existential Fear of D3?
Fear of being Lost & Confused. Confused about the purpose of (your) life, allowing others to influence you, looking for direction through others, waiting for confirmations of the environment, felt too many times you didn’t belong anywhere. Have you ever experienced this in your Life? And what were your coping mechanisms for it?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D2 (Orange-Pale Orange):

  • 866hz: Embrace&Allow Aliveness from the pre-matter state of Being for optimal body mass weight + balance (spiritual)
  • 1222hz: increasing mental ability to sense internal environment for distortion patterns & regulate all tissues into healthy soil (mental). These frequencies are run from the 6-9th minutes of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D2?

  • Stomach & Duodenum: what is the quality of information that needs to be digested?
  • Spleen: do you have a worried or relaxed mind? Supports stable thinking.
  • Globuline proteins in the blood plasma: small ‘regulating’ proteins
  • Microbiome: the feeding ground of the whole micro biology in the gut + the intestinal wall, which make up ‘happy belly effect’.
  • Adrenal Glands: signallers of any distress in your system
  • Muscle tissues and their attachments: providing a sense of groundedness in Life

Existential Fear of D2?

Fear of Losing your Aliveness. Often the fear of losing more weight or gaining too much. Whatever ideal picture you have of yourself, it’s never good enough. People define their sense of being ‘happy and alive’ by how they look. Connecting with your ‘alive and kicking’ essence is what eventually will give you the optimal body mass. But most importantly genuine grounding, acceptance and relaxation in your sense of existence. Would you resonate with this? And able to accept?

The Frequencies and Intentions behind D1 (Red-Pale Red):

  • 2345hz: Allow&Embrace the Original Intent behind Creation&Human Existence for the Water of Life to flowThis frequency is run for 3 mins maximum between 3-6th minute of the program.

What organs/systems/body fluids are connected to the D1?

  • Kidneys: water management and primal organs
  • Bladder (& Womb): Heat expeller and ‘step taker in Life’
  • Genitals & Hip region
  • Fibrinogen: main component of collagen found everywhere in the body, signalling inflammatory/heat activities
  • Earth portal
  • Prostate

Existential Fear of D1?
Fear of a Painful Existence. Pain makes Life harder. If pain would never stop, would you still want to live? Therefore all the things that scared you in life to be painful you rather run away from: relationships, travel, cleaning up, healthy lifestyle, commitments, dealing with the past, house, body fitness. The moment things get ‘hot and real’ you are gone following your illusions. It will always leave you with a feeling of ungroudedness and unresolved traumas. So the body creates inflammations & heat to cope with it. Everyone wants to be like Water but you can only do it by managing your Fire by choosing a ground where to make the first spark. Does this resonate with you?

How to use?
With electrode cables, max once a day \ wireless (Healy Coil), full 100% voltage | Read the Meditation instructions + watch video | Finish the full 99+ mins | more instructions provided with order

Meditation Instruction:

Sit comfortably for the first 9 minutes of the prgr and focus on this intention:’I allow & embrace more purity & clarity of my water for it to express its Aliveness more and more each day. May the Original Intent behind Creation & the Water of Life guide my physical dimensions.’

Minutes 1-3 = D3 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 3-6 = D1 frequencies (see above)
Minutes 6-9 = D2 frequencies (see above)
The rest of the prgr covers frequencies with the D1-2-3 system/organs/body fluids related structures (see above)

Did you know?
This Bio-Spiritual Model is used in our practice to accurately diagnose and treat people bio-energetically. While scanning these levels D1-2-3 we can tell how a person is compromised in gaining clarity, finding direction in Life, personality developments, regulatory systems and help the system to find relief&resolution. Digestion, grounding, inflammatory decrease and personal strength can then be optimized with frequencies.

For Healy users we provide remote/on location sessions: A 1.5hr session with full body scan + treatment + 1x custom frequency program + list of complementary Healy progams to support the healing process. High success rates have been booked over time and we don’t want you to miss out. Also possible for non-Healy users (with alternative health advice).

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