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Full WANTED list x5

Complete your Healy’s collection with all the glands!

Get all 5 WANTED programs and give your Healy full body access.
All 5 programs with a combo deal.

Pancreas €35
Pineal gland €35
Pituitary gland €35
Adrenal glands €35
Thymus gland €35

Pancreas: When we get older our Pancreas can use some help. Due to western diet the Pancreas becomes easily exhausted and with this program you can stimulate its normal function. Very good for sugar balance and essential for any self worth issues!

Pineal gland: Made for our spiritual development, the opening of the 3rd eye and the corresponding brainwaves. This program is designed to activate the whole area within the brain and to decalcify the pineal gland. It stands for enhancing intuition, evolving spiritual self, opening up to higher dimensions and connecting with higher wisdom.

Pituitary gland: In conventional science its called ‘the master gland’. Governs and directs many processes in the body, like: hormonal balance, sleep cycles, body weight, human growth hormone, vision, and much more. Important for sleep cycles and connection with spiritual self.

Thymus gland: An essential power station for the immune system! Governing the body’s ability to create its own medicine and have healthy DNA synthesis. Also it stands for our sovereignty and grounded presence.

Adrenal Glands: Maybe the most important program in the list. Our western lifestyle creates stress and exhausts adrenal function. For many a powerful tonic and a healthy choice. To stimulate calmness, stability, soothing nerves and relaxed mental attitude. Relates with too quick, too much and too wild movement through life. Had a stressful lifestyle? You need this.

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