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This program provides grounding, maintains elektrolyte levels and focusses on hydrated tissues & cells with all the minerals out there. 

These freq’s are in it:

  • all minerals & elektrolytes: Magnesium, calcium, boron, postassium, manganese, silica, iodine, iron, etc
  • All the grounding, centering and Schumann freq’s from the Timewaver database
  • Nano Noble Metals: Gold, Silver, Platina, Copper, Indium, and more….
  • Root chackra support & Spleen ‘earthing’ tonic freq’s

Have you ever purchased the previous Grounding, MineralBoost or Elektrolyte program? Please send your TAN and will update it for free with MineralGrounding🙏 

What are Nano Noble Metals?

Originally, it comes from an ancient science from Egypt where the farao’s aspired immortality

The most well known of them all is: Colloidal Silver. Known for it’s healing effects for food poisening, infections, inflammation, harmful invaders, wounds, etc.

Nano Noble Metals can upgrade our systems to a better quality of health with mind and body. These freq’s will bring your cells in touch with the intelligence of these high frequency minerals.

This is what it means:
Gold: helps with production of Dopamine, positive effects with brain disorders, anxiety and depression. A superconductor for nervous system.

Silver:  A natural anti-biotic which can act as an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial agent in the body.
Platina: an anti-oxidant. Provides mental support & sharpness. Anti-aging. Improves lucid dreaming. A healthy nutrient for respiratory system.

Indium: a mystical and not very wellknown mineral. Essential for health! Provides support with weightloss, endocrine balance, energy levels, muscle strength, memory, sleepcycles and improving sense (taste, sight, smell).

Copper: Provides support with infections, wounds & burns, cardiovascular health, nervous system, immune system, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduce wrinkles, discoloration + age related conditions.



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