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How important are Neuro transmitters and Amino acids for your health?

How essential are Amino Acids & Neurotransmitters to our health and wellbeing? ‘Amino Acids are the building blocks of life’ and without them we lose muscle, vitality, immunity, cell functions, and overall digestive failure.

With a healthy diet all essential amino acids should be ingested, but do you process them well…?  

ALL ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS & NEUROTRANSMITTERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE WITH MICROCURRENT! This means that your cells can easily use the vibrational information without digestion.

What Amino Acids are in this program?

There are at least 9 essential amino acids that humans cannot synthesize and need in their diet. We implemented their frequencies for a better overall vitality.

Lysine 433hz: cold sore protection, performance enhancement, collagen production.
Glutamine 371hz: immune system, providing cell ‘fuel’, increased nutrient absorption.
Leucine 384hz: ATP production, tissue regeneration, protein synthesis, muscle growth.
Fenylalanine 393hz: relaxing, pain reduce, skin health.
Valine 380hz: muscle regeneration, liver support, digestive health.
Methionine 372hz: anti-oxidant, heavy metal detox, wound healing.
Histidine 975hz: allergy relief, kidney support, fat metabolism.
Isoleucine 386hz: sugar metabolism, energy booster, lean body mass.
Threonine 389hz: nervous system support, muscle and bone strength.

What Neurotransmitters are in it?

There are 5 very important neurotransmitters that support our dynamic balance of mind and body. We implemented their frequencies into this program:

  • Serotonin: ‘the mood elevator’,  increased saturated feeling, focus.
  • Melatonin: ‘the healer over night’, better recovery, anti-oxidant, sleep cycle improvement.
  • Acetylcholine: healthy muscles, better cell communication, increased body awareness.
  • GABA: ‘the nerve & brain relaxer’, anti-stress, better recovery, anxiety & pain relief.
  • Dopamine: ‘the motivator’, helps bodily movements, feeling of reward, feeling happiness.



How can we help you?

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