TIP: have your Therapist TAN ready

3x Healy Pendulum Charts

These charts might be your very first step to improving your Healy use.
You will have to use a pendulum and your intuition tuned in to get your results & analysis flowing.

What will I get?
3 Ready to print Pendulum Charts that contain all the main Healy Pink App program. This means microcurrent use only!

How to use it?

  • 1. Print the pendulum charts on A4 paper.
  • 2. Hold your pendulum above the chart(s).
  • 3. Consciously intent your question: what Healy program has the ‘highest resonance’ for me now?
  • 4. Observe the pendulum hover, point or swirl toward a Healy program name.

Why will this benefit me?

In this way you can do something that the blue HealAdvisor Analyse app cannot do! You can find out what microcurrent Healy program can suit your situation, how to dose it, what % to set voltage and how long to use any program consequently. Instead of the Quantum Sensor deciding the highest relevance for you, this time it is your own body intelligence who can speak its truth through the quantum field.

Any more tips?
Play around with the many questions you can ask to improve your results. Pink app use is like going to the gym daily and what needs training for now, where are my weak spots in the chain? Have fun!

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How can we help you?

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