TIP: have your Therapist TAN ready


Is there more than our physical existence?

Loving and highly potent for all people on the path of enhancing their fields.

We are electro-magnetic functioning organisms and our information-field is being compromised in these modern times. This program’s focus is to stimulate strength, clarity and activation of the fields of light around you and their centers.

What freq’s are in it?

  • Crystal Freq’s for making the body a ‘universal resonator’
  • Fascia clearing: activating the Silica light network of the body
  • Chackra’s: 10 & 11 & 12 & 13 & 14 = higher dimensions
  • Brainwave freq’s for raising vibrations/oscillations.
  • Body system freq’s for releasing unconcious blocks
  • And more…

Make a powerful intention, like: ‘I feel safe to have my LightBody fully activated and am grateful to raise my awareness…’

How do you apply?

  • With wristband electrodes or adhesives on the wrists. Wireless also possible.
  • Finish the full program! Duration: more than 110 mins.
  • Meditative awareness + strong intention is advised.


How can we help you?

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will come back to you within 1-2 working days.