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What is the source behind our Confidence and Coherence?


What is the source behind our Confidence and Coherence?
Are there freqs to feel stronger in our human existence and heart-brain connection? Many people asked for frequencies to increase confidence andboost self awareness.

So… Have you heard of ‘Golden-Mean-Ratio frequencies’?  A list of specific frequencies which were proven to be stimulating Coherence and Bliss experience in the heart&brain.

Sidenote: we will never guarantee that this program will boost your confidence immediately. Everyone has a different learning process, but science has shown that these freqs teach your body/mind to become more acquinted with authentic, coherent and self-organizing principles through microcurrent. These principles have a scientific basis in physics showing our Bliss and Coherence come from a perfect compression & implosive force in the center of our brains. Guaranteed, life giving frequencies!

How do we know these freq’s work?
In the 1950’s Antione Priore, a french electrical engineer, cured 1000’s of terminally sick people with this list of frequencies. These life changing events were very well documented and funded by the French government. Sadly, the corporate winds turned despite this non-pharmaceutical success and for some  mysterious reason all interest was gone. Which meant that Antoine got pushed away together with his research and his technologies went underground… Gladly we got a hold onto his list of frequencies and they work!

What freq’s are in ConfidenceCoherence? 
Golden-Mean-Ratio freq’s x20 for the first 20 mins. (During this phase, keep a resonant + elevated feeling/visualization about your self-image and future ConfidenceCoherence with meditative attention.)
285 different Brainwaves for focus and happy buzzing available
Chakra alignment frequencies
Repair freq’s for the organs/centers for Confidence and Authority: Thymus, Pancreas, Solar Plexus, Liver, Spleen.
Physical-Emotional boosters

How to use?

  • Wireless use also possible (Healy Coil). Electrodes wires highly recommended in order to stimulate the brain centers.
  • Finish full program 90+ min.
  • For the first 10-20 mins attentive awareness is advised. Feel + visualize, a resonant intention to increase the frequency’s effect on your Coherence.
  • Expert rumour: research showed that running Phase-Conjugate-Negentropic frequencies during sunset and sunrise can increase its effect significantly.


How can we help you?

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will come back to you within 1-2 working days.