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Pranic Living 9 days online (English)

Buy your ticket for the online Pranic Living 9 to 21 day process here!

Pranic Living is a lifestyle focused on nourishing the body with life energy, also known as prana. The School of Frequency will be organizing a 9 to 21-day online prana process starting May 1st 2023, for anyone who wants to try it and experience the “living on light” step by step. The first 9 days will give you enough time to experience what it means to have more life force energy in your daily life. Along with a group of like-minded individuals, you will explore what this ancient lifestyle can teach us about human nature. During the full 21 days, you will learn how to stabilize the “pranic state” and receive enough energy to integrate the benefits such as a healthier and more vital body, improved emotional state, and mental clarity.

You can decide for yourself whether to stop or continue after 9 days. Sign up and buy your ticket here!

The investment for the 9-day process is €250, and for the 21-day process, it is a total of €500. This includes daily group Zoom meetings, personal guidance, and an online e-book. Of course, the process will be supported by experienced practitioners.

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