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Life Force Living 21 days Online Training May ’24 (English)

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Life Force Living is a lifestyle focused on nourishing the body with life force energy. The School of Frequency will be organizing a 21-day online training starting May 1st 2024, for anyone who wants to try it and experience the “living on light” step by step. You will gain enough experience and knowledge to what it means to have more life force energy in your daily life. Along with a group of like-minded individuals, you will explore what this ancient lifestyle can teach us about human nature and the ‘quantum revolution’.

During the full 21 days, you will learn how to stabilize the “absorption state” and receive enough energy to integrate the benefits such as a healthier and more vital body, improved emotional state, and mental clarity.

The investment for the 21-day course is €700. This includes daily group Telegram meetings, 1-on-1 guidance and life force excercises. Also you will receive a workbook with essentials, inspirations and recipes for a successfull liquid lifestyle! Of course, the process will be supported by experienced practitioners.

What can you expect?

During the process, you are encouraged to continue your daily routine. Like any dietary or cleansing practice, the first 3-4 days may involve adapting to the metabolic shift, and allowing more free time for this is recommended but not necessary. However, the rest of the process is relatively easy, with more energy available. You will not experience hunger, and fasting and deprivation are prevented at any time. Instead, you will be guided through the Caloric Liquid Protocol, allowing you to enjoy amazing flavours and liquid foods while simultaneously opening the window to more life force.

This will positively affect your self-healing, digestive issues, emotional struggles, or mental shortcomings. Every day there will be 1 online group meeting with a meditation, guidance and personal sharings. Missing a group meeting is not a problem, or joining the meeting later is also possible. All sessions will be recorded.

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‘I have been looking for this way of living for 20 years, not knowing it was possible and that it made me feel so good!’ – Colin M.

’This 21 day process is an investment to spend less on other health ventures. I had to take supplements and medication to support my health for years, now I am free of such spending! These little miracles started to appear during the process.’ – Elke Kasandra

*Please note that by completing the payment, you automatically agree to the specified terms and conditions. It is important to mention that The School of Frequency does not entertain refund requests under any circumstances for cancellations.


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