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Is there a program always ready to use for retuning, alignment and general optimization?

A 20 min prgr with 20 freqs that stimulate general neutralisation of negative energies and toxic patterns.

‘A lot of scientific studies have been done on this sequence of frequencies’

A prgr that can be used wirelessly for when there are energetic disturbances, and with electrode wires for physical ‘retuning&alignment’. Often public spaces or living rooms can be filled with energetic disturbances and it’s unclear what causes our body’s & intuitive response. Also our electrical fields can show unease in confronting situations and what could help them stay distributive, relaxed and inspired? An ultimate Coherence program for every situation 🙂

Use when: during&after travel by plane, energetically dirty rooms/spaces, emotional impactful moments, quick coherence needed, for general alignment, healing crisis seems a mystery, during ceremony, mind/body/spirit discomfort.
How to use: max 3x a day with electrodes / wireless use = unlimited use! | more instructions will be provided with order



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