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What does every body in distress have in common?

Inflammation&Pain €50
95% of all ailments / issues is due to stress and stress is directly related to inflammation. When pain is experienced, inflammation lurks somewhere making the environment unsafe for health. Even ‘silent’ inflammation can slowly destroy reserves and chronic inflammation becomes dangerous. For almost every discomfort this program can bring some relief.

Use when: general inflammatory activities are noticed, pain and headaches, nerve / eye /skin inflammations, injuries, wounds, high stress / burn out, lack of sleep, digestive issues.
How to use: max 1x a day with electrodes | when wireless use = unlimited use | more instructions will be provided with order

What frequencies are in it?

Gathered from the Gold / Healing / Rife frequency databases this programs has access to more than 1550 different freq’s for:

  • Inflammation in body tissues: intestinal, pelvic, mucous membrane, muscles, skin, glandular.
  • Pain by infections, allergies, wounding, trauma, radiation and post-operative.
  • Liver tonic, that the body recovers faster when there is too much heat / inflammation.
  • Kidney insufficiency, that the kidneys may help to bring more cooling water throughout the body.
  • Brain & Heart protection


How can we help you?

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