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How to get the ‘hardware of the body’ to save your days?

Very different from the Hormonal Balance program in Healy(because we made it). It contains all the endocrine glands of the body and the most important neurotransmitters for a healthy mood, digestion and nervous system. With more modern day stressfull impacts & disturbances of our inner nature the endocrine ‘hardware’ tissues are endangered. They can shrink, swell and minimize their functions which leaves us losing more battles for holistic health. This can help your body balance and heal itself for the long term because it works on the ‘hardware of the body’.

Use when: sleep issues, mood swings, emotional turbulence, mental exhaustion, depression, indigestion/constipation, feeling deprived, skin issues, thyroid issues, hyperactivity.
How to use: max 1x a day with electrodes | when wireless use = unlimited use | more instructions will be provided with order


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