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5x School’s Essentials

Getting the full ‘frequency first aid kit’ with just 5 programs here 🙂

What does every human body deal with in this modern day of age…?

How can you always be ‘frequency effective’ when you dont know what to use?

What frequency programs you MUST HAVE in order to have a first aid kit, especially when in a health crisis?
Here come 5 popular programs that provide help for the body any situation of distress.

Inflammation&Pain €50
95% of all ailments/issues is due to stress and stress is directly related to inflammation. When pain is experienced, inflammation lurks somewhere making the environment unsafe for health. Even ‘silent’ inflammation can slowly destroy reserves and chronic inflammation becomes dangerous. For almost every discomfort this program can bring some relief.

Use when: general inflammatory activities are noticed, pain and headaches, nerve / eye / skin inflammations, injuries, wounds, high stress / burn out, lack of sleep, digestive issues.
How to use: max 1x a day with electrodes | when wireless use = unlimited use | more instructions will be provided with order

EndocrineBalance €50
Very different from the Hormonal Balance program in Healy (because we made it). It contains all the endocrine glands of the body and the most important neurotransmitters for a healthy mood, digestion and nervous system. With more modern day stressfull impacts & disturbances of our inner nature the endocrine ‘hardware’ tissues are endangered. They can shrink, swell and minimize their functions which leaves us losing more battles for holistic health. This can help your body balance and heal itself for the long term because it works on the ‘hardware of the body’.

Use when: sleep issues, mood swings, emotional turbulence, mental exhaustion, depression, indigestion/constipation, feeling deprived, skin issues, thyroid issues, hyperactivity.
How to use: max 1x a day with electrodes | when wireless use = unlimited use | more instructions will be provided with order

MineralGrounding €50
This program provides grounding, maintains elektrolyte levels and focusses on hydrated tissues & cells with all the minerals out there. With every healing crisis the connection to earth seems vital and almost 90% of all bodily functions is governed by minerals. This program even contain the noble metals which will raise your frequency and provide cellular protection.

Use when: during&after air travel, restlessness, to ‘cool down’, dehydration symptoms, areas with wifi / radiation, during meals, during & after mental labour, concentration, relaxing, indigestion, sugar balance, viral dangers in the environment.
How to use: max 1x a day with electrodes | when wireless use = unlimited use | more instructions will be provided with order

Blood&Infections €50
The quality of blood helps our vitality to spread throughout the body and increase resilience against harmful pathogens, energies & disturbances. How your bone marrow creates blood, your body’s immune system strenghtens and your ‘law of attraction’ have much in common.

Use when: weakened circulation, low immunity, dizziness, bacterial / fungal / viral infections, brain fog, weakness / lethargy, toxic relations (infected by others), high / low blood pressure, swelling.
How to use: max 1x a day | wireless / with electrodes | more instructions will be provided with order

OverallClear: €35
A 20 min prgr with 20 freqs that stimulate general neutralisation of negative energies and toxic patterns. A program that can be used wirelessly for when there are energetic disturbances, and with electrode wires for physical ‘retuning&alignment’. Often public spaces or living rooms can be filled with energetic disturbances and it’s unclear what causes our body’s & intuitive response. Also our electrical fields can show unease in confronting situations and what could help them stay distributive, relaxed and inspired? An ultimate Coherence program for every situation.

Use when: during & after travel by plane, energetically dirty rooms / spaces, emotional impactful moments, quick coherence needed, for general alignment, healing crisis seems a mystery, during ceremony, mind / body / spirit discomfort.
How to use: max 3x a day with electrodes / wireless use = unlimited use! | more instructions will be provided with order

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