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HeavyMetals, Candida, Parasites, etc.
How to easily detox in these modern times…

In these modern times there are many more toxins found in our environment, foods and medicine. How to neutralize their damaging effects? Frequency makes it much easier for us now.
Buying detox packages to detox the specific elements described here can be exhaustive, expensive and complex. This frequency method is easy, gentle and much cheaper.

This is for people who are sufficiently experienced with Healy treatments/microcurrent therapies & those who’s bodies are ready to detox. This is not intended for people with a long history of disease, overly acidic lifelstyle and currently (or recently) stressfull lifestyle. This is a general detox protocol.

Keep in mind that detox period is best done yearly, instead of regularly. A healthy suggestion would be to plan detox period with 7 prgr’s and after application -> replace detox prgr’s with other healthy freq’s -> come back next year for another detox period and we transfer the detox prgr’s back for free! Sounds good?

Our School’s Detox Protocol has recommended use description provided with the transfer. But feel free to apply these programs according to your own needs and curioisities.


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