Quantum Deep Dive

Quantum Deep Dive is a fully integrated holistic healing method from the School of Frequency, designed by Djaï Heijn based on a number of new groundbreaking sciences. It combines Quantum Osteopathy, PlasmaFusion and the body’s intelligence to heal itself. By connecting to the client’s bio energetic field (remotely or on location), scalar wave technology and the body’s own intelligence are used to ‘self-correct’ back to its dynamic balance. With some additional advice (and microcurrent support) all clients are helped with the in-depth analysis & treatment for their issues.

The power that made us, will heal us

How does it work?

While in a relaxed position, access to the unconscious realms occurs through cellular memory. The human quantum nature holds all disturbances in the memory database of bodily tissues, namely in the underlying plasma force fields. These disturbances can be palpated and scanned for primary dysfunctions when the client is fully receptive, either remotely or through touch. The body’s self-healing capabilities can enhance its intelligence once disturbances in the plasma force fields that shaped us have been removed.

Quantum Field

Working in the quantum field involves adressing the informational energy inherent in every life form. Osteopathic medicine, a manual therapy, aims to identify the primary dysfunction of dis-ease within holistic health (body, mind, and spirit combined). Recent advances in quantum physics lead to the new understanding that magnetic plasma fields drive embryological development, representing the primal intelligence behind our self-healing capabilities. Therefore, treating these primary information fields helps improve biological & psychological issues effectively.

What issues can be helped?

Treated ailments / issues examples:

  • Inflammatory issues
  • Vascular diseases
  • Emotional/spiritual blocks
  • Degenerative ailments
  • Relationship issues
  • Auto immune disorders

The list of issues is very extensive and feel free to contact for more information.

The Treatment

During the session you are guided by Djaï. You will lay down comfortably and rest and receive for 50+ minutes. The first 30 minutes Djaï will manually scan and treat your body and during the last 20 minutes cold-fusion plasma will be applied.

You may feel everything or nothing or anything in between, the effects can be experienced after the treatment. The analysis will be shared in the summary report provided, through dialogue or text.

*Djaï is fluent in both English and Dutch, his services and analysis can be provided in either language for your convenience.

How can we help you?

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will come back to you within 1-2 working days.