Pranic Living

The Aquarian Lifestyle

Different forms of pranic lifestyle are practiced by over 85.000 people on the planet today. It is the body’s ability to shift its metabolism and nutrient uptake to a ‘pranic state’. 

This will give the long term benefit of physical bio-regenesis, where the body optimally rewrites and recreates its balance back to optimal health. 


The freedom to eat or not to eat, but always feeling like 'a million dollars'

- Djai Heijn

What brings the new

'Aquarian Lifestyle'

for pranic living?

Achieving the pranic state through a liquid diet with calories, excluding (dry) fasting practices. We avoid the body to go into fasting, deprivation and starvation by introducing calories through liquids. This will enhance the person’s energy by slowing the digestive system down to 20%. The benefits of fasting will be there, but the degenerative effects will be avoided. After 21 days on liquids the physical body made the ‘metabolic shift’ more towards Prana and the classical cravings, addictions and dependies have altered. This method has shown to be sustainable for at least 90% of the participants worldwide. 

Why Pranic Living in the School of Frequency?

Pranic Living means Quantum Living, and the School of Frequency loves the quantum and its sciences. Prana is reffered as ‘vital force’ and also ‘breath of life’, and that’s why the people living mostly on Prana are called Breatharians. The story of School of Frequency started with frequencies, then Plasma, and Plasma brought us to Prana. Now our puzzle pieces are complete and we offer 9-21 day processes for anyone who wants to use this mystical life force to increase happiness, wellbeing and joy. It is a physical experience where your body self-corrects optimally, an emotional healing to start anew and also a deepening journey enhancing the quality of your human experience


We combine the forces of Prana & Plasma

Every cell in our body holds the memory of living solely on Prana as a source of food. Whether it is Chi, Qi, Prana, Mana, many cultures have given a name to the ‘vital life force’ that is present in everything. Then comes Plasma, known as the 4th state of matter, and comprises 99% of the universe. These two phenomena have always baffled science and they still leave things unexplained, but a sustainable future will depend on both of them.  
One of them is the best nutrient ever, the other is the best healer mankind has ever seen. The School of Frequency applies both Plasma and Prana to have people experience the best version of themselves.

Our 12-Day Training

All 4 elements (Quantum Deep Dive, Plasma Energetic, Organic Movement & Pranic Living) will be aligned during our upcoming 12-Day training. 

Join the School of Frequency for an unforgettable 12-Day Training packed with fun, paradigm shifts and delicious (vegan & plant-based) liquids. So, if you are ready to encounter new depths of practice, establish lifelong connections and explore unmatched opportunities for personal growth, our transformative program will inspire you to uncover the fundamental forces of life while unearthing the deepest layers of yourself. Moreover, this intensive program will be led mainly by Djai Heijn and his team.

How can we help you?

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will come back to you within 1-2 working days.