What is HEALY


Healy is a holistic wearable microcurrent device that can help with acute, chronic & arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness, migraine, depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualised frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.

Frequency Therapy for Your Health

The Future of Health Care
Healy is the result of 14 years scientific research & development in Germany, it’s a powerful game-changer in performance, health and wellness. On all levels of mind, body and spirit Healy can bring balance.

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Is it Bioresonance? Is it frequency therapy? Information field science?

Yes, yes and yes! Healy applies Microcurrent (MCT) & Frequency therapy. Microcurrent works with electrode wires on the wrist, ear or other local body areas. Frequency therapy is applied through the ether, quantum field. Most studies have been done on MCT and found effective.

What is Healy really about?

Healy is about Specific Microcurrent = addressing specific areas/organs of the body with frequency. For every cell there is a frequency that can balance the wellbeing of the cell. How do we know this works? Read about the science behind Healy.

How many frequencies does Healy have?

Healy delivers over 144,000 frequencies to assist you in the areas of pain, fitness, sleep, learning, emotional and mental wellbeing, and much more. There is access to 120 different programs within the Healy app.

What do I use Healy for?

For any symptoms you might have and for any health goals. The Healy system has its own unique way to treat your health through frequencies & microcurrents. Important: Healy does not treat your disease, but your holistic wellbeing!

‘Healthy cells make healthy organs make healthy people’

Why do people go for a Healy?

More people want to stimulate their health in a natural and harmless way. Whatever symptoms some may have, Healy can bring the healthy changes holistically, naturally and available to the human body. How does a future household look like? Just like a toilet for hygiene, a Healy for health maintenance.

Are you a person that:

  • has tried everything but hasn’t found a solution to your health issues?
  • wants to know the magic of how your body organizes itself? - is looking for a broad toolkit in self-care?
  • have multiple symptoms and history in disease?
  • wants to uplevel your health and your clients wellbeing? Then Healy can offer great solutions!

Why do we work with Healy?

We want to achieve an independant and self-sustainable future with our holistic health. Healy can give great guidance in self-care and open up powerful opportunities. When people have a Healy conventional medicine becomes less significant and we can make health easier.

Is there scientific data on Healy?

Yes. Please take a look at The Science page and see a video below on ‘Blood analysis after Healy’

Is it easy to use?

Yes. As easy as using your smartphone with the different applications that it has. Everyone can use Healy! But we’ll help you along the way :)

What programs does Healy have?

Please have a look at the program pages of the Healy app. -> link: subpage with healy programs pictures

Are there more technologies like Healy on the market?

No. What makes Healy unique is teh database of at least 144.000 freqs & the Quantum Sensor- which measures your personal frequency and delivers back specific frequencies to better your holistic health! Healy is cutting-edge science & technology and there is no other like it on the market.

Do I need to be a therapist to use Healy?

No. Healy is easy to use and everyone who knows how to operate a smartphone can work with Healy. Do you have a history of disease or chronic ailments? Always best to consult a practitioner for guidance.

How do I use Healy for frequency therapy?

Healy can be used through bracelet-electrodes, ear electrodes, adhesive sticker electrodes and even wireless application. It depends on what program you use! With the Healy Resonance you do not need any electrodes, because you only work with the quantum sensor.

Can I read some testimonials?

Yes, see one of the many facebook pages.

What’s the price?

It took 15 years to transform the big Timewaver computer into a small Healy device. This ‘mother system’ could help & analyse anythiing in the information field and costs 20.000E. The Healy is the mini version of Timewaver and is envisioned to help as many households with their healthcare. The Timewaver Healy costs between 500-2500E and with the powerful effects it has on the human system it saves costs on health maintenance.
Good to know: 14 days trial with money back guarantee.

Why buy Healy with us?

When you buy a Healy with our team we provide:

  • Personal guidance with Analysis support
  • Access to our School of Frequency
  • Free customized Timewaver programs for an Improved Healy Experience
  •  More fun with frequency than anywhere else!

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Disclaimer: Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for supporting the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. 

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