Nourishment Challenge

This list of nourishment programs will expand over time, please stay tuned!

We believe in a strong foundation of wellbeing by stimulating a healthy Brain, Gut and Nervous system. These programs contain freq’s & information which can inspire your cells to become more ‘nourished’ and your energy to become more vital.

What is nourishment?

When all cells and tissues are hydrated, replenished with essential nutrients and have a healthy energetic imprint in order to keep their dynamic balance(homeostasis), and more...=.

How can I use Healy to nourish myself?
Feel free to have a look at these 4 programs:

ProbioticYouthing €40:

The Nourishment program we’ve all been waiting for...

Did you know the ‘fountain of youth’ is found in our guts. So what’s important for our gut and it’s intestinal tract? Probiotics! We’ve integrated many probiotics and prebiotics into this program, along with many other healthy youthing freq’s.

What freq’s are in it?

  • 15 probiotic strains, with their family names like: Bifidobacterium x3, Lactobacillus x5, Lactococcus x2, Streptococcus x1
  • prebiotics: Dextrine + Inulin
  • TriThalamic alignment: pituitary, hypothalamus + epifyse
  • Minerals: MSM + Magnesium + Platina (perfect skin toning mix)
  • Youthing remedies: Coenzyme Q10 + Collagen + Hyaluronic acid
  • Vital energy stimulation, over 150 freq’s available :)
  • And more....

How to use?

  • Max 1x a day.
  • With wristbands possible. Wireless use at full 100% is recommended. (Got Healy Coil? Even better!)
  • Complementary Healy programs for youthing: Digest All, Renewal, Coherence, Bio energetic Boost, Breath of Life.


BrainMotivation €40: Are you a procrastinator and do you lose motivation during mental labour? The brain requires a lot of energy to make things work. This program contains many interesting cerebro-stimulating freq’s, helpful nutrients and more vitality vibes:

    • Alaskan Gem Elixir ‘Easy Learning’ Solution. A crystal frequency mix for increased learning abilities.
    • Beta Brainwave freq’s
    • Mono-atomic Gold: a superconductor for brain activity + dopamine booster: more dopamine, means more motivation.
    • Gold Freq’s for Vitality, over 300 freq’s available.
    • Some brain mineral freq’s: like magnesium, silica, potassium
    • and more...

How to use?

  • Max 1x a day.
  • With wristbands possible. Wireless use at full 100% is recommended. (Got Healy Coil? Even better!)
  • Complementary Healy programs for motivation: Go to the Roots, Coherence, Energy, Mental(protection), Liver.

MineralGrounding €40:

This program provides grounding, maintains elektrolyte levels and focusses on hydrated tissues & cells with all the minerals out there. 

These freq’s are in it:

  • all minerals & elektrolytes: Magnesium, calcium, boron, postassium, manganese, silica, iodine, iron, etc
  • All the grounding, centering and Schumann freq’s from the Timewaver database
  • Nano Noble Metals: Gold, Silver, Platina, Copper, Indium, and more....
  • Root chackra support & Spleen ‘earthing’ tonic freq’s 

Have you ever purchased the previous Grounding, MineralBoost or Elektrolyte program? Please send your TAN and will update it for free with MineralGrounding🙏 

What are Nano Noble Metals?

Originally, it comes from an ancient science from Egypt where the farao’s aspired immortality

The most well known of them all is: Colloidal Silver. Known for it’s healing effects for food poisening, infections, inflammation, harmful invaders, wounds, etc.

Nano Noble Metals can upgrade our systems to a better quality of health with mind and body. These freq’s will bring your cells in touch with the intelligence of these high frequency minerals.

This is what it means:
Gold: helps with production of Dopamine, positive effects with brain disorders, anxiety and depression. A superconductor for nervous system.

Silver:  A natural anti-biotic which can act as an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial agent in the body.
Platina: an anti-oxidant. Provides mental support & sharpness. Anti-aging. Improves lucid dreaming. A healthy nutrient for respiratory system.

Indium: a mystical and not very wellknown mineral. Essential for health! Provides support with weightloss, endocrine balance, energy levels, muscle strength, memory, sleepcycles and improving sense (taste, sight, smell).

Copper: Provides support with infections, wounds & burns, cardiovascular health, nervous system, immune system, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduce wrinkles, discoloration + age related conditions. 

Aminos&Neuros €40

How essential are Amino Acids & Neurotransmitters to our health and wellbeing? ‘Amino Acids are the building blocks of life’ and without them we lose muscle, vitality, immunity, cell functions, and overall digestive failure.

With a healthy diet all essential amino acids should be ingested, but do you process them well...?  ALL ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS & NEUROTRANSMITTERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE WITH MICROCURRENT! This means that your cells can easily absorb these nutrients without digestion :)

What Amino Acids are in this program?

There are at least 9 essential amino acids that humans cannot synthesize and need in their diet. We implemented their frequencies for a better overall vitality.
Lysine 433hz: cold sore protection, performance enhancement, collagen production.

Glutamine 371hz: immune system, providing cell ‘fuel’, increased nutrient absorption.
Leucine 384hz: ATP production, tissue regeneration, protein synthesis, muscle growth.
Fenylalanine 393hz: relaxing, pain reduce, skin health.
Valine 380hz: muscle regeneration, liver support, digestive health.
Methionine 372hz: anti-oxidant, heavy metal detox, wound healing.
Histidine 975hz: allergy relief, kidney support, fat metabolism.
Isoleucine 386hz: sugar metabolism, energy booster, lean body mass.
Threonine 389hz: nervous system support, muscle and bone strength.

What Neurotransmitters are in it?

There are 5 very important neurotransmitters that support our dynamic balance of mind and body. We implemented their frequencies into this program:

  • Serotonin: ‘the mood elevator’,  increased saturated feeling, focus.
  • Melatonin: ‘the healer over night’, better recovery, anti-oxidant, sleep cycle improvement.
  • Acetylcholine: healthy muscles, better cell communication, increased body awareness.
  • GABA: ‘the nerve & brain relaxer’, anti-stress, better recovery, anxiety & pain relief.
  • Dopamine: ‘the motivator’, helps bodily movements, feeling of reward, feeling happiness.


Single program: €40
All 4 Nourishment programs: €130

How to get these programs?

Send total amount € to paypal:
(Please write down your order + Therapist TAN# in paypal comment)

Your Healy’s THERAPIST TAN (Therapist Access Number) is a nine digit number found in the pink Healy App. Remember to click OK after copying the TAN -> you can close the Healy app after this. Your program will appear in your Therapist Programs within 24 hours when you click CHECK FOR UPDATES .

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