Masculine & Feminine Awakening with Healy


Let’s start the new year with a Sensual Evolution!
One for her, One for him. 

Yoni Goddess & Masculingam

Why Sexual Healing Frequencies?

We believe in the Global Awakening of the Feminine and Masculine.
Looking at our Timewaver database, there are many frequencies that can support these transformations :)
So women can heal their wombs and men can have a more heartcentered sensuality.
Join this evolution by getting these powerful programs for your Healy :) 

What is in these programs?

For both men and women it contains are frequencies that:

  • Stimulate the kundalini
  • Heal sexual/emotional traumas
  • Balance the sex hormones & glands
  • Balance sensual weakness/disorder
  • Harmonize associated chackra’s
  • Grounded awareness and opening cranial centers
  • And more...

What is unique about Yoni Goddess:

  • Freq’s for healing pelvic region, down to the perineum.
  • Freq’s for connecting with Mother Earth & the womb.
  • Freq’s for fertility
  • Freq’s to stimulate the sex glands
  • Freq’s for the health of ovaries + cervix + uterus
  • And more...
    Intention: ‘I feel safe and grateful to heal my femininity and let go of any subconscious tension around my sexuality.’


What is unique about Masculingam:

  • Freq’s for testosterone production
  • Freq’s for prostate & testicle health
  • Freq’s for relaxed pelvic region & perineum
  • Freq’s for magnetic field enhancement
  • Freq’s for spiritual & sensual wellbeing
  • And more...
    Intention: ‘I feel safe and grateful to heal my masculinity and let go of any subconscious tension around my sexuality.’

What else to know?
These programs have microcurrent treatment over 100min!
Apply max once a day.
Nice to take some time and space for the experience. Meditative attention is recommended!


What’s the price?

Yoni Goddess: €50

Masculingam: €50

Yoni Goddess + Masculingam: €75 (save 25%)


How to get these programs?

Send total amount € to paypal:
(Please write down your order + Therapist TAN# in paypal comment)

Your Healy’s THERAPIST TAN (Therapist Access Number) is a nine digit number found in the pink Healy App. Remember to click OK after copying the TAN -> you can close the Healy app after this. Your program will appear in your Therapist Programs within 24 hours when you click CHECK FOR UPDATES .

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