‘If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you have to think in Energy, Frequency and Vibration.’ - Nikola Tesla

The School of Frequency is about...

  1. Crafting a masterplan for self-healing
  2. Having fun with diving deeper and peeling of layers
  3. Exploring the many ‘Frequencies of Life’
  4. Using technology to connect more with body, mind and soul.
  5. Helping others benefit too :)

This school teaches people their own unique way of health and evolution + how to build a self-sustainable future with frequency technology. No matter what your background is, here you can see how easy healing can be. Most people have a history of physical struggles or mental/emotional imbalances. How can we peel off those layers and unravel those mysteries? No books. Just frequencies and their lenses. 

This school uses cutting-edge scientific & medical grade technology which can analyse and treat the bio energetic field in a non-invasive and easy way. We like to make it clear and precise.

Who started the School of Frequency?

A few words from Djaï - Founder & Timewaver Practitioner. 
‘I am an Osteopath in training and I believe: the best holistic approach will bring the best solution to health issues.
After I suffered a year in jail on Bali island, my life changed drastically. After fighting for my life and innocence in a corrupt system, I brought disease and trauma with me back home. For me, only frequency could bring me to optimal health again. So with joy I share my frequency knowledge and Healy programming skills.’

When you order Healy Therapist Programs, Djaï will be your guy!