Did you know?

When you have a Healy you receive a personalized custom program based upon analysis + €35 

Quantum Deep Dive

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During the session you are guided by Djaï.  You will lay down comfortably and rest and receive for 50+ minutes. The first 30 minutes Djaï will manually scan and treat your body and during the last 20 minutes cold-fusion plasma will be applied. You may feel everything or nothing or anything in between, the effects can be experienced after the treatment. The analysis will be shared in the summary report provided, through dialogue or text.

Practical Details

  • Price: €155, including summary report
  • Payment: You can pay on location 
  • Duration of the session: 90 minutes
  • Come in: At least 10 minutes before your session starts
  • Location: Please contact us for our current location 

Good to know

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water
  • Please share all relevant personal & medical history 
  • After the session take some time to come back, find your grounding, drink plenty of water during the rest of the day
  • Additional holistic advice is provided