Meet Djaï Heijn

Hello! My name is Djaï Heijn. In 2020, I founded the School of Frequency. It’s my honor to work with you and I would love to tell you some more about my background in healing and the path that got me to specialize in the amazing science of microcurrent frequencies.

My fascination with the connection between health and frequencies started at a young age. After many years of self-study, I began working with binaural brainwaves and sound/light healing, with which I added the dimension of frequency to my simultaneous study of naturopathy and traditional chinese medicine.

In 2014, I worked at various health clinics in Bali where I eventually started my own retreat center. This path ended up in the most traumatic experience of my life. As a bolt from the blue, I was arrested and put into Bali jail. I had to prove my innocence and stay sane under extremely difficult circumstances. It took me a year to get out and three years to fully recover my physical and mental life energy. 

During this process, I took a deep dive into frequency healing and specialized in microcurrent timewaver therapy. I founded the School of Frequency and have been passionately growing this little institute over the last year. Meanwhile, I’m a full time student in osteopathy and a fanatic biohacker. I’m excited to share my skills and knowledge in the world of frequencies!

How can we help you?

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