School of Frequency Philosophy

The foundation of reality is quantum in its nature, meaning the holographic thought construct is key to our human experience. The purpose of living a holistic quantum lifestyle is to improve your experience as a human being. Our approach is truly as revolutionary as it is effective. Plasma shows us the essence of life force and it is the 4th state of matter. Therefore our transformational work is not ‘energy healing’ but working with the intelligence of the matter that made us. 

When all disturbances in the human plasma fields have been removed, true health and joy can flow effortlessly.

'All thriving people want to connect the dots and find the 'sweet spot' for their health and development.'

- Djai Heijn

Our Values




Meet Our Team


Djaï is the founder of School of Frequency. He is a dedicated practitioner in movement, quantum osteopathy and the physics of consciousness. Mainly he proves that joy is essential for healing and improvement to happen. Life has shown him downfall and uprising, but he believes that the things that bring us deeper in life are the same forces that lift us up again. If he would be a holy grail seeker then let this be his quest!


Amber grew up knowing she wanted to work to elevate the minds of people. She studied Graphic Design and lifted School of Frequency to a next level with her creativity and devotion to the content where we stands for. Some call her a butterfly but she knows she is a centipede. With a hint of truth seeking, she forms the beating heart behind everything that is created in the School of Frequency.


Debbie is mainly functioning behind the scene and supports the wings of Amber. Together they manifest the (visual) content, marketing, and crafting of the upcoming annual School of Frequency training. Together with her husband Liladhar and daughter Jeya, she is living off-grid whilst building an eco yoga retreat center on 17ha in Algarve- Portugal.

Did you know?

School of Frequency is traveling around the world as a little institute on wheels. Where nature meets technology is where our inner & outer technologies are combined. We love to travel to places where this can be developed and shared! Feel free to share any ‘sweet spots’ on the planet where our technologies and revolutionary methods can help the people best.


How can we help you?

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will come back to you within 1-2 working days.