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Quantum Deep Dive

Quantum Deep Dive is a fully integrated holistic healing method from the School of Frequency, designed by Djai Heijn based on a number of new groundbreaking sciences.


The School of Frequency applies PlasmaFusion to achieve (physical) bio regenesis, where the body optimally rewrites and recreates its balance back to optimal health.

Healy Therapy

The School of Frequency is a small institute that is specialized in the therapeutic application of microcurrent frequencies. We are known for the development of a unique series of Therapist programs for Healy users.

Pranic Living

Different forms of pranic lifestyle are practiced by over 85.000 people on the planet today. It is the body’s ability to shift it’s metabolism and nutrient uptake to a ‘pranic state’.

'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration'

- Nicola Tesla

Sound & Safe Protocol

Many of us live with trauma and anxiety patterns stored within our nervous system. Music holds the key to attaining a safe and calm state of being. Our Safe and Sound Protocol reshapes the course of ancestral traumas, offering hope. Through this groundbreaking approach, we empower you to reclaim your vitality. Stored traumas, like algorithms, deeply impact well-being. With our Safe & Sound Protocol, we can rewrite the script, transcending the limitations of the past. Join us on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery. Guided by harmonious melodies, we unravel trauma’s intricate threads. Step by step, note by note, we restore inner peace and vitality. Experience the transformative power of music, reconnect with your essence, and embrace a future brimming with endless possibilities. Welcome to ‘Embodying Natural Aliveness.’

Quantum Masterclasses

In these interactive masterclasses, Djai will share his groundbreaking Quantum Deep Dive method and show you how to overcome issues that have been holding you back. You will learn from his extensive experience helping people worldwide and even get the chance to participate in live demonstrations. 

Experience Pranic Living - Join Our Online Process Now!

Join the School of Frequency’s Online Pranic Process from May 1, 2023, and unlock your body’s potential. Over 9-21 days, learn how to nourish your body with prana and experience the “living on light” lifestyle. Enjoy the support of a like-minded community and discover how Pranic Living can improve your health, emotions, and mental clarity. Expert guidance and support are provided by the School of Frequency.


About the School of Frequency

The School of Frequency works in the quantum field to restore balance and wellbeing. The primal substance that blends all life forces together is called Plasma and we believe it has much to teach us. Plasma shows us the essence of life force and it is the 4th state of matter. 

Therefore our transformational work is not ‘energy healing’ but working with the intelligence of the matter that made us. It can feel like realising you are a fish swimming in an ocean of life force, but now you can feel and work with the currents to benefit health and human experience. When we live like water and solve the disturbing currents, then the energy flow will increase where it is blocked.

'Our transformational work should have ancient roots but provides modern-day solutions for a sustainable future.'

- Djai Heijn

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